7 Jewelry Mistakes that You Should Stop Making Right Now!

by Daud Ahmad Sani on Jan 26, 2022

7 Jewelry Mistakes that You Should Stop Making Right Now!

Jewelry is one of the most favorite items for anyone – be it men or women. When it comes to jewelry, it is not just a mere accessory but so much more than that. It is an extension of one’s style, belief, and personality. It is a medium for self – expression, lifestyle and art all blended into one. This is the main reason why we take such care when selecting jewelry

However, just purchasing jewelry is not enough. Although many of you may have different styles of jewelry, it is utmost important to take care of them in the correct way. Do you think you are taking full care of your jewelry pieces? Make sure that you are not making the following jewelry mistakes!

Some of the most common jewelry mistakes that people make when it comes to jewelry are:

1) Not Knowing About the Jewelry’s Make:

Purchasing can be quite difficult – both offline as well as online. Therefore, when you buy your jewelry, you must have all the information before – hand. You must ask your jeweler what material the jewelry is made up of. This is important to know because not every piece of jewelry is made from metals like gold, silver, or platinum. A lot of times you get jewelry that looks like gold or silver, but in actuality there are other metals that look like them. We highly suggest staying away from such materials as it may cause some skin allergies due to the metals being plated.  So, make sure you ask your jeweler about the jewelry to ensure that you are buying safe and genuine products.

2) Wearing Jewelry in Water:

This is yet one of the most common mistakes people commit when it comes to making jewelry mistakes. If you are in water, especially while showering and swimming, make sure to remove all your jewelry before going in. Not only is there a great danger of losing your jewelry in water, but there is also the risk of damaging the jewelry. Chemicals in shampoos, conditioners and soaps tend to damage the quality of the jewelry in water. Moreover, when opals and pearls also encounter water regularly, these stones get damaged for good. Even in swimming pools, jewelry can get discolored due to the amount of chlorine present in the water. So, to protect your jewelry from getting damaged, make sure you remove them before going in the water.

3) Wearing the Same Jewelry Everyday:

Although we also buy jewelry for everyday usage, we must not forget that even jewelry when worn daily can lose its shine and tends to become dull and black. To avoid such a situation, you must take off your jewelry and take proper care of it. For example, every two weeks, take off your jewelry that you wear daily and clean it up with warm water. Another best practice is to use a combination of jewelry pieces for daily wear so that your jewelry will last longer.

4) Not Storing the Jewelry Properly:

Another very important factor to consider when taking care of your jewelry is the place you store it in. There are many conditions which are not favorable for jewelry and can cause harm to it. For example, humidity tends to tarnish precious jewelry items made up of sterling silver. Also, do not leave out your jewelry in the open for long as it can gather dirt and dust. While storing your jewelry, always ensure that they are kept at a distance so that they do not rub against one another and cause scratches. Make sure to always store your jewelry in good quality padded boxes so that it is free from dust, air, and humidity.

5) Not Maintaining Your Jewelry Properly:

When you use a particular piece of jewelry for a prolonged period, it is natural for it to become dusty. If you ignore the condition of the jewelry, then it begins to tarnish. To make sure that your jewelry remains safe and intact, you must take regular care of it. Just the way we wash and maintain our clothing, in a similar manner we must also clean our jewelry regularly. Make sure to take out your jewelry and clean it regularly. Wipe it with a cloth and make sure it is free of any dust. Do this regularly and you will notice that your jewelry will retain its shine and look as good as new.

6) Using Improper Jewelry Cleaning Methods:

It is absolutely essential to take proper care of your jewelry so that it lasts longer. However, although it has been established that cleaning your jewelry is important, it is also equally important to pay attention to using the proper methods of cleaning. There are some materials that should be kept away when cleaning jewelry. Materials like baking soda and toothpaste must be avoided at all costs as it can erode the color and finish of your jewelry in the long run. Also keep away from harsh chemicals and alcohol as they damage the properties of the jewelry.

7) Not Clasping the Necklace while Storing:

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to jewelry etiquettes. When you take off a necklace, make sure to always clasp it. This may seem like a minor thing to do but is not. If you do not do so, your chain can get entangled and later when you open it, it might get very difficult to untangle it. While you try to untangle your chain, it may damage the necklace as it may weaken it and ultimately, also break it. So, make sure that you always clasp your necklace when storing it.

So, now that you have read about the etiquettes of jewelry maintenance, make sure to follow this guide so that you can take good care of your jewelry. If you are looking for some trendy jewelry pieces, do make sure to visit Vitario!