Different Types of Earrings for Women that You Must Have!

by ayesha mukhtar on Dec 13, 2021

Different Types of Earrings for Women that You Must Have!

Earrings are one of the most in – fashion jewelery that should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe. Earrings are that piece of jewelery that looks beautiful on every woman – be it young or old. You must choose your earrings for women carefully as they are an extremely important piece of jewelry and can transform your look in an instant. Because it is such an essential part of your wardrobe, you must give earrings for women utmost care and importance. When choosing earrings for women, make sure to choose a piece that is classic yet stylish, and can communicate your sense of style.

So, to make sure that you have the best earrings, we have come up with a list of different types of earrings for women that you must have in your wardrobe:

Stud Earrings for Women:

Earring Tops or stud earrings, as they are most commonly known, are one of the most common and most preferred style of earrings for women. Because of the ease and comfort associated with stud earrings, women all over the world prefer to wear these pair of earrings. The best feature of these pair of earrings for women is that they are usually small in size and sits smartly on the ear lobes without climbing up or dropping down. Stud earrings basically sit tight on the ear lobes, causing no pain or irritation at all.  These earrings for women are usually made up of diamonds or pearls, and come in a variety of shapes and designs. Stud earrings are an essential part of any women’s jewelry kit as they are easy to wear and can be worn anywhere – be it a day part or night party, office gathering or a meet-up with friends. Stud earrings go with almost everything and this is why is the most preferred earrings for women.

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Hoop Earrings for Women:

Hoop earrings are yet another popular type of earrings for women. Hoop Earrings are also very famously called as Bali earrings, and is extremely popular among women. Unlike stud earrings that are small and delicate, hoop earrings are big and lavish, and is used to give a more outgoing look to the outfit. Hoop earrings, as rightly names, are in the shape of hoops or bangles that form a circle from the front part of the earlobe to the back. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from the size of a ring to as big as a bangle. You can also find these earrings for women in many shapes like circle, oblong, square, triangle, round, etc. The best part about these earrings for women is that they can instantly brighten the look of your outfit. Combine a pair of hoop earrings with any dress, and it becomes the perfect attire for an evening party!

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Cluster Earrings for Women:

Cluster earrings are one of the most beautiful pair of earrings and is a must have item for every woman’s wardrobe! Cluster earrings for women is one of the chicest pieces of earrings and goes well with everything. They are a type of stud earrings but are far more elegant and classier, and usually worn at high – class and upscale events. These types of earrings fit well on the earlobe, and contains various crystals or stones lines up together, forming a cluster. They look extremely precious and can be easily worn with anything. If you do not want to look over the top, but at the same time want to have an individual sense of style coupled with elegance, then you must definitely go for a pair of cluster earrings for women. The cluster formation looks very elegant and if you want to impress someone with your sense of fashion, then you must definitely pair up our outfit with a nice pair of cluster earrings.

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Dangle Earrings for Women:

Dangle earrings for women is one of the most elegant pieces of earrings for women, and can glam up any outfit in an instant. Dangle earrings look extremely beautiful and is easily the highlight of your attire. Dangle earrings are also known as dangles, and, as the name suggests, fall freely from the ears. These types of earrings have a fixed end that sit on the earlobe while the rest of the earring falls freely. These earrings are one of the most in – fashion earrings and come in various shapes, sizes and patterns. Go for short danglers of you are going for a day outing, but if it is an evening party and you want to make an impression, we highly suggest you go for long dangle earrings for women.

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Earrings are an essential part of a woman’s look and now that you are aware about the various types of earrings for women that you must as a part of your wardrobe, do make sure to check out our best jewelry online collection and explore the most unique earrings for women. You will find the best in – house designer jewelry pieces at Vitario catering to your every need. Do pay us a visit and start your Vitario journey today!