Purchasing Men's Jewelry: A Complete Guide

by ayesha mukhtar on Dec 04, 2021

Purchasing Men's Jewelry: A Complete Guide

Jewelry is often associated with women. However, did you know that men also sport jewelry, that too much more than women? It is a commonly known fact that men often wear more jewelry than women, and if you are looking to buy online jewelry for men, look no further!

With Vitario, not only will you find many options to buy men’s best jewelry online, but we will also help you style yourself so that you can look cool and chic, comfortable yet stylish. So, what are you waiting for? Read more about some of the types of jewelry that men wear, sport, and flaunt!

Watches: Watches are one of the most common pieces of jewelry for men. A watch is not only a watch but is so much more! When worn correctly, a watch can completely transform any man’s ensemble. It goes with everything – a casual tee paired with jeans and a watch makes the complete look for a day outing. In contrast, a classy, timeless piece with a formal blazer for dinner completes the evening look and oozes confidence as well. Watches have become a status symbol now, so make sure to only go for the best jewelry online when searching for the perfect watch for yourself. Do keep in mind to buy a watch that is in proportion with your wrist size to fit you well. A metal band goes well for formal events, while a leather strap works for both – casual as well as formal. Whatever be your choice, make sure to invest in a good watch as it is an essential part of any man’s look.



Rings: Rings are one of the coolest pieces of jewelry at man’s disposal. Rings symbolize coolness and swag and forms a very crucial part of your look. In a corporate setting, it is best to wear sterling silver or gold single–band rings while you can stack multiple rings to give off a cooler party look. Whatever the occasion may be, do consider rings to complete your look. However, do not wear a ring on the ring finger of your left hand if you are not married. With Vitario, you can easily buy men’s jewelry online! So, go ahead, and get yourself a fancy ring to suit your style!


Bracelets: If you are thinking about some of the best jewelry online available for men, then you should definitely consider bracelets. However, one ground rule for bracelets that you should keep in mind is that less is always more. As opposed to stacking up bracelets, wear only a single bracelet. It not only looks classier but also provides that extra edge to your outfit. For example, metal bracelets are considered best for formal wear whereas leather bracelets are best suited for casual outings in the day. Make sure to wear a bracelet that compliments your outfit and see the difference that it creates to the overall look!



Earrings: If you wish to buy men’s jewelry online, then you should definitely think of buying best earrings for men. The best part about earrings is that they are instantly visible and easily attract attention. For this very reason, we suggest that instead of going all out when it comes to earrings, choose a small piece instead of big and dangling ones. Subtlety is the key here, and so we would recommend either to go for solids in dark colours or to go for small stones in either round or square shapes. You can wear them in either both ears or just one, depending on your outfit but do ensure that it is a minimal piece but is effective enough to pull some eyes towards them!



Cufflinks: If there is one piece of men’s jewelry that makes men look extremely suave and posh, it is cufflinks. Made to hold the shirt’s cuffs in their right place, they are worn with a formal attire and reserved for special occasions and formal settings. If you need to make a long-lasting impression, then cufflinks are the perfect choice for you. They are available in various square and circular shapes and come in various styles in matte, silver, gold, and even diamonds. Cufflinks are definitely an extravagant piece of jewelry that is a must-have item for all men, so we suggest that you treat it as an investment piece and it will surely give you the returns you so deserve!



Lapel Pins: Lapel Pins are yet another chic piece of fine jewelry that is available for men. When thinking to buy men’s jewelry online, lapel pins should definitely top your list. One of the most intriguing facts about lapel pins is that they come in various designs, shapes and sizes, and you can go ahead and even get a customized one for yourself. Especially at a formal event, adding a lapel pin to your suit gives it a personality. You can opt for either gold, silver, or brass, but make sure to have at least one lapel pin in your closet so that you can make the heads turn away in your direction with this fine piece of jewelry!



Tie Bars: Tie bars serve a dual purpose: they have a function and never go out of fashion! A tie bar is an essential piece of men’s jewelry to have as it not only helps you keep your tie in one place but also creates that wow factor in your formal attire. To be worn only with formal clothes, tie bars are incredibly delicate and classy and can instantly transform your look! The best is to get a classic and timeless piece in either silver or gold so that it works with all your corporate wear and suits and can add to the charm of your outfit.



So now that you have read this guide to Purchasing Men's Jewelry, make sure you find the best jewelry store for menso that you can accessorize your jewelry for every possible occasion while maintaining your look and keeping it stylish!